TOP 2000 grease

Super longtime grease.

AUTOL TOP 2000 SUPER LONGTIME GREASE is a patented complex soap grease on a special synthetic oil base with extreme adhesive characteristics. The light almost transparent special grease is of good carrying quality and takes high working pressures.

Also available as a spray can 500 ml and squeeze tube 500 ml. 5, 15, 25 kg pail, 46 and 180 kg. barrel.

Autol Desolite DX-W

System cleaner with multi-functional properties for all diesel fuel.
Reduces the jet coking, increases the cetane rating and improves the cold start performance. Improved combustion.
(1 litre : 400 litre diesel)

Autol Profi DK-Kat

Catalytic converter for a gas-emitting combustion
(exhaust emission control test). Suitable for customer with their own diesel tank.
( 1 litre : 1500 litre diesel)

Autol Desolite B System cleaner with wide band effect. Suitable for all petrol engines, even those that run on unleaded petrol. Prevent deposits forming in the engine, thus ensuring full performance. Quality is ensured by the Mercedes Benz 102E test. (1 litre : 200 litre gasoline)